Humid Tower Bridge Run

I met Paul today for a lunch time run (although a bit later than planned due to an overrunning meeting).

We headed out into London and made our way along the Thames to Tower Bridge, across and back.

It was very humid out and I ended up drinking a bit mid run to keep me going.

The WalkJogRun plan was for 4 miles tomorrow but I ran 3.22 at lunch (just over 5K) and am happy with that.

The run as mentioned was very humid and it was quote tricky in places as there were so many tourists out and about.

I enjoy running this route around the Thames but you do have to hop and dodge around the crowds to get where you need to go. Thankfully most people hear or see us coming and get out of our way (most).

I have to learn how to run up and down narrow stairs though. Paul does it like a pro but I’m convinced I’m going to go ass over tip so I slow down (which I believe is wise).

We were both amused when we reached the bottom of one flight of stairs and some woman tried to hand is fliers!

This was my first run with my new Garmin Forerunner 210 and it was interesting to not use anything other than the watch to guide me.

I will run with my phone on my arm when running along – purely for safety. I will however track and plan everything now on the watch.

I am amazed how easy it is to use and how clear the display/tones are when running.

I missed the 2nd km marker but that may have been me thinking Paul’s watch beeped when it was mine.

Uploading content to the site it easy and there is a lot of facts and figures to read to help me train better.


I have managed to extract all my old runs from iSmoothRun too. Rather handily they allow you to export into your Garmin Connect account. It’s so easy I did it in the train this morning.

Now all of my training is in one place and I can compare runs, save courses and dissect all the information easily.

I’m connected as trunkguy, if you have a Garmin Connect account why not connect accounts?

There are a few quirks to the Garmin site I have to get used to but to be honest it’s far better than the likes of Nike etc!

I have managed to sync my Garmin runs into Runkeeper although I note this is a little buggy. Today’s run however went in with no problems.

I’ll keep iSmoothRun on my iPhone as its a great alternative to the Garmin. I’ll also keep Run Keeper as I like its social features. Nike Running, Gipis and Daily Miles (Electric Miles app) have all been removed.

All apps serve a purpose and all have helped me get where I am and have given me a record of nearly a hundred runs which is great. I am how ere simplifying and going to leverage the power of Garmin.

I am keeping WalkJogRun too as it includes my plan for the half marathon. I could add this to the Garmin site but I’ve already invested time doing this in my iCloud account so for now it can stay as is.

I tried the heart rate monitor last night and was amazed how quickly the two sync up. As soon as I snapped the monitor on the belt the watch beeped and I was ready to go.

I need to find a way of working out all my heart rates. If you have any ideas please email or leave a comment.

It’s safe to say we were both a hot sweaty mess when we finished the run.

I pushed myself fairly hard today and although I didn’t do the prescribed distance I did run faster so am happy with this progress.

Paul (who ran a 10k in 41:32 minutes last weekend!) did have to pause for me a few times but he’s great at pacing and encouraging me. In fact even though I pushed myself and struggled with the humid conditions I did manage to have some short conversations with him mid run.

So that’s this weeks runs. Monday I aim to try and see how I get on with the HRM. I’m sure it’ll all be fine.

And yes once again no music, no distractions (except the odd thousand tourist!) and I finished feeling happy with a sense of achievement. 🙂

I realise I was at Tower Bridge with Paul (and Enda) on Tuesday as we caught the Thames Clipper there to the Millennium Dome.

We were very lucky to see an original Thames Clipper sail under the bridge. This was the first time Enda had seen the bridge raised.

As you can see it was a lovely evening to be on the river.


Update: I’ve actually had a second run this evening as I got caught in a torrential storm. I got soaked through (I was wearing my Adidas running rain coat) but decided to run to simply get home. Not the best idea in flay canvas trainers etc but I am happy I can simply turn it on and run like the clappers when I need to.

Now I simply need to dry off!


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  1. Nachthawk says:

    hi keith… must have been a brilliant outing… london town and tower bridge… i envy you for those locations… well done – here it looks like its starting to rain soon… heading out now… so see you on the other side… 🙂

    1. Keith says:

      It is a great place to run and I am very lucky although its very very busy. I have to practice dodging people as some places are maddeningly busy.

      I got soaked on my way home from the station!

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