Ice on the Dune

Well it's not been the best of days to be honest.

My neck/shoulder were playing up yesterday and they inevitably kept me awake most of last night. Every time I went to turn or to move to get comfy I'd have a stabbing pain down my shoulder-blade and would struggle to move or get up off the bed to get comfy.

This didn't get any better this morning and I was in agony when I travelled into work.

I was greeted with 7 bells of shit this morning which didn't help my already dark mood.

To make matters worse I had a dentist appointment today to have a filling replaced as it was expanding and endangering my tooth. I hate fillings and have not had one since I was a kid. I thought this was enough torture for the day but he also cleaned my teeth with ultrasound and I arrived home tonight to realise he's chipped one of my front teeth – grrr.

ImageStill there is a light – a big, camp, wacky, weird disco light to brighten my day. It comes (finally) in the shape of Empire of the Suns new album Ice on the Dune.

First listen came and went quickly this morning – this was due to me being tired, sore and full of Brufen but then the second play whizzed by. And the third and the fourth.

Don't get me wrong this isn't a bad thing – this album moves at a blistering pace.

It's lively, loud, fast paced, has thumping drums and huge HUGE choral sections throughout the entire album. It's only when it reaches the final track that the pace decides to relent.

I love this album – this is a true summer album and I hope it does these Aussies proud.

I loved Standing on the Shore but I see this being a much bigger commercial hit. Alive (the first single release) is a real crowd pleaser and I don't think the rest will disappoint.

There's simply so much great stuff to choose from. I love it.

If you have never heard an Empire of the Sun album then start here. Open your mind, turn up your dial and immerse yourself in the colourful, avant garde world that is EotS!

Oh and yes the neck pain etc means I am taking a day or two off from running – I want it to get better, I don't want to make it any worse. I am happy with this decision and know it makes sense. I'll soon get back into it.



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  1. This reads like a typical blue Monday. Hope I g all is much better tomorrow. Take care of yourself. Ivan

    1. Keith says:

      It does doesn’t it! Thanks Ivan x

  2. paigesato says:

    Alive made my playlist a few weeks back. LOVE it!

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