A challenging, hot 5 Mile run

The Half Marathon training continues and even though I did not do all the easy short runs in the week I was determined to do the prescribed 5 miles today.

I thought it would be a breeze as it’s 8K and I ran 10K ok at Richmond. The weather has been lovely and I decided to wait until later afternoon to head out. Sadly this was not the best plan as it got hotter and I found the run hard as a result of this.

ImageI do believe the 25 degree heat (I didn’t realise it was that hot) had got to me and even though I ran with a cap on, put on sun cream (thankfully) and ran in my running vest, I was simply too uncomfortable. That and I seem to be plagued by my new Heart Rate Monitor.

I was supposed to run at 70 – 75% of my heart rate and most of the run – where I thought I was taking it steady, kept beeping at me constantly that my heart rate was too high.


What is going on? Is the weather a factor? Is my heart off the scale? Is my monitor not working? I wish I could work it out.

This constant beeping started to annoy me and then I started to get annoyed by the strap on my chest (I wore it lower down this time), my wedding ring sweating on my finger, my glasses digging into my ears and my hat sitting tightly on my head… Shall I go on?

Both mentally and physically todays run was a challenge and I was determined not to stop the Garmin though as each time I stopped to walk and take on water I wanted to be sure I could/would continue.

After 6K I felt really tired and hot but kept going. I was put off that I had almost run out of drink and knew I had a couple kilometers to go. Thankfully I was on my return loop as just as I hit 7K i was outside the house so I paused the run, filled up my water bottle then headed back out to complete the final kilometer.

ImageI’m not sure what held me back today but I shall strike it off as one of those runs.

I honestly do not know what to do regards the HRM and ask if any of you have any advice running with them as I am not enjoying the experience so far.

On the bright (very bright) side, it is still a lovely day, I am now fully stretched and showered and am typing this out in the garden – the first time we have sat out here all year.

If the weather (hopefully) continues like this I will need to address how and when I run in such conditions and what provisions I put in place as the runs are only going to get longer and longer.

I did discover a new route though as I headed out along the road then onto the country trail I found a couple weeks ago. I kept going straight along the trail today and found myself running across farm land through fields of wheat and piles of manure.

I also discovered that when I reach the end of the farm I arrive at the entrance to the wood opposite the house. I could have run through there and home but it would have cut miles off the run so decided to loop back around the field and back the way I came.

I am constantly amazed by the wealth of routes I have on my doorstep and was thinking about a conversation I had with Enda (who runs in central London) – I really must invite him up in the summer to run with me so he can experience the lovely countryside around us 🙂

It was tough today but I am still immensely proud and happy that I completed the 5 Miles/8K I was due to.

Now to relax and enjoy the rest of this glorious Sunday.

Actually reading that back I should be more than happy with my efforts today given the 25 degree heat and the beeping!


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