Let’s get Physio!


So tonights run went really well – I believe I paced myself well and I found another route.

Screen Shot 2013-07-03 at 19.23.58

I abandoned the heart rate monitor as it was annoying me and thanks to the advice of Dave and Jay I am now monitoring my normal heart rate through various times of the day to ensure the Garmin readings are correct.  I will then have another crack at it!

After my exploration in the burning sun on Sunday I decided to try something different tonight and walked the other way, crossing under the subway past the railway and started my run in the woods that are opposite the house.

This quickly leads you into open farmland and then through corn and wheat fields, across the river and onto the avenue lined with oaks.  This ensures the run is a mix of soft ground and tarmac and I am enjoying the transition from one to the other.

I did think about taking some photos or a video to show off the route but didn’t want to disturb my run.  Maybe next time…

This made for an interesting run and one that meant I was on a steady incline for most of the run – I hadn’t realised this when I set off but it didn’t faze me and I just kept going.  I found the pace good tonight and even though it was quite mild I was able to continue on through the whole run.I had to do a 40 minute conversational run tonight and I think I managed very well without any guidance from any app of the watch.  I set up two intervals of 20 minutes (which was dead easy to do on the Garmin) and used the half way point as the marker to head home.

Screen Shot 2013-07-03 at 19.24.19This afternoon I visited the Physiotherapist following the problems I have been having with my neck and shoulders.  He said as long as I didn’t feel pain when running that I could continue as long as I did a set of exercises he gave me.   I have basically pulled a nerve near my shoulder and my back is quite tight.  I have suffered from this before and was surprised to hear this was the case given all the running.  But then again I have had a period of no running/sitting still for a long time due to all the chaos at the office.

Anyway he was very good at applying some traction to my neck and I feel better for his miracle hands (and the fact he’s quite fit doesn’t hurt 😉 ).

A good run tonight – that’s that crossed off the list 🙂


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