Mid Lands – High Temperatures


Richard and I spent the weekend in the Midlands as our friend Rob turned 40 yesterday. He had a small soirée of friends and family gathered at his for a lovely evening garden party. Luckily for Rob and Chris the weather was perfect this weekend and everyone was out chatting, and enjoying the weather until late into the evening.

We took a drive to Upton House which is one of our favourite National Trust properties today and capitalised on the lovely weather. It got to 28 degrees and the cool air near the lakes and the pool were particularly welcome.

I think we've been there in all seasons now but I have never seen the gardens in such splendour. This is a true English country garden on the perfect summers day.

We then drove across to Canons Ashby but we had to stop when we saw this field ablaze with colour as it was full of wild poppies. I have never seen so much red in bloom all at once. We found a verge to park the car and take a few snaps before continuing our journey.

We took the tour of the house at Canons Ashby to enable us to cool off and thankfully we did as much more of the house has been opened to the public.

My parents gave Richard some money for his birthday so we decided to treat ourselves and have a cream tea (Canon Ashby's is particularly good).

As ever time was against us though as we had to head back home (it took 3 1/2 hours to drive back). That said it has been a fairly relaxing weekend and although we haven't been on the beach sun bathing, I do believe we have made the best of the weather.

Long may it continue.

I made the most of the brilliant sun light and beautiful landscapes and was a little snap happy today. You can browse my photo selection on Flickr.



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  1. That sounds like a wonderful day!!

    The desert looks scrumptious!

    1. Keith says:

      That’s a traditional treat from Devon, which is where I grew up.

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