Eu Natural

Another hot run this evening so I decided to start my run from the wood, head across the farmland, past the stables, over to the tennis/cricket club before coming back the same way to head into the wood for a couple loops (finishing in the shade).

I felt tired when I started tonight but I found a rhythm. My pace was ok and it seemed adsorption consistent given the alternating terrain.

This is probably my first ever run where I have not run on Tarmac. It certainly feels different under foot and to be honest I didn't notice any hills this evening even though there are quite a few on this route.

I did almost run over a rabbit who decided to wait until the very last minute to hop out of my way.

I has the place to myself tonight except for one cyclist who was hell bent on doing the same route as fast as he could. I'm not sure how he coped with the country gates and stiles but he seemed to lap me a few times.

I did use the peace and quiet to text a theory that this was a good conversational pace and had a brief chat with myself mid run. It was not my normal conversation speed but I could hold a conversation ok so I think my pacing was spot on.

I tracked my heart rate at the end and it registered 143 bpm which I think is the highest I have tracked it so far.

My heart rates have registered as:

  • Average 84
  • Resting (just woke up) 82
  • Resting (before bed) 76

I now need to work out how this allows me to correctly set the HRM on the Garmin – help!

It felt very hot out tonight and the sun was at full strength but the forecast reported a lower temperature than the last two hot runs. Thankfully there was a cool breeze too which helped.

22c is hot enough to be running in though! I am considering running in a lunch break this week but midday temperatures are forecast up to 29c!

I have one more normal training run this week then I join the British Heart Foundation Heart Runners in London for a training day.

Please remember all of this effort is to allow me to compete the Royal Parks Half Marathon in October so please sponsor me.



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