The Naval Stowaway


ImageAnother hot run tonight with the evening temperature at 27 degrees.  I was dreading heading out this evening but to be honest there was no good time to run as night time temperature is due to stick around 20.

I headed out at my usual time and decided to run loops around Charter Wood – this seemed to pay off as most of the run was in the shade and although I was hot and very sweaty at the end, it didn’t feel like 27 degrees.

ImageI am very pleased with tonight’s progress, I told myself if I managed 20 minutes in the heat I would be happy.  I told myself 4 loops of the wood would be a great target.  I ended up running the full 40 minutes as planned and did 5 and a half loops of the wood.

My pace was good throughout and I pushed myself just past my comfort zone.  I didn’t go mad though as it was notably hotter than normal.

I was quite surprised to look down mid run and see how wet my running top was with sweat.

I didn’t seem to sweat as much as I had during the British Heart Foundation training on Saturday – that was so bad the sweat prevented me from seeing where I was running!

I met Enda for lunch today and it was only when I was recounting my training day that I realised my pace on Saturday was slower not just because of the heat but also because we did laps and stopped for coaching.  I only stopped my watch once or twice therefore I recorded all the non activity too.

I tried to listen to the advice from the training session and stopped myself from scrunching my shoulders and was mindful of wear my left hand was striking as I ran.  I think I ran at around 70% – 75% of my threshold tonight – it wasn’t as tough as Saturday but I do ache now.

And I kept that pace most of the way around so I am dead chuffed.

ImageScreen Shot 2013-07-15 at 20.38.20At least I know I have one run behind me this week and given this heat wave is possibly going to continue until August, I know I can adapt my training and have refuge in places like the wood where I cans till get a good run in, with open country air and be sheltered for the majority of the run.  Although I am wary that loops of the wood will get boring soon!

Didn’t really see any wildlife tonight except for the red admiral butterfly that decided to hitch a ride on my left calf – I wondered what it was and I had to encourage it to leave my leg as it felt uncomfortable having it clinging on!

I didn’t see any rabbits this evening – I think they all stayed underground in the cool.  I did pass some dog walkers and another runner – good to see other people making the most of the weather.

I received a couple of new donations at the weekend – thank you so much Jay and Michael, you guys have been very kind  🙂

If you have not done so already please sponsor me. It doesn’t matter how much but please make all this effort worthwhile and donate whatever you can for the British Heart Foundation.



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  1. Great post. How is the fund raising going btw… Have not looked in awhile. Ivan

    1. Keith says:

      Thank you. Up to £620 at present 🙂

      1. That’s excellent what the goal? That’ is some serious money that you have collected well done. Ivan

      2. Keith says:

        Thank you. My goal was £500 but I’ve increased it to £1,000. You can’t blame a boy for trying can you.

      3. No and I think you should hit that target soon. Will take Williams credit card and do a donation Ivan

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