Hot Lunchtime River Run

The forecast in London was to top 31 degrees today and I had planned to run with Paul at mid-day.  Thinking of Mad Dogs and Englishmen…  I decided it would be a nice idea to try and move the run to a cooler time.  I looked at the weather and there was only a degree in it between 8 am and pretty much until tonight.  We did move our run to 11:30 in an attempt to miss some of the heat and some of the tourists but we failed on both counts.

We ran from the office (after stocking up on liquid), along the river Thames towards Tower Bridge, at Tower Bridge we caught some congestion cause of the tail end of a carnival (which was very odd mid week), from there we crossed to the South Bank and ran back to wards the office.

We had a surprising amount of shade during the run and thankfully Paul stopped a couple times to get a drink and this enabled me to get my breath back.

Todays plan was 40 minutes at an easy ace but I ended up running 37 minutes at a faster pace – possibly at my threshold for this heat.  I was sweating buckets but enjoyed the run when we were moving.

I didn’t enjoy stopping but it was unavoidable in this heat and as Paul said its best clock the time out then to worry about the mileage.

Paul did manage to go at a blistering pace though but I am happy I kept up with him most of the run (he had already been to the gym and turned up topless and sweaty as he had run from home to meet me (and he ran back)).  The guy certainly has some stamina!

There was an awful lot of tourists around today and when we ran around the South Bank it was very very congested.  I haven’t seen London quite so busy but it’s good to see and of course the weather is making all the difference.

It’s interesting to see how many people were out running today especially in this heat.

I can’t log my run until later as I left my Garmin cable at home but it’s another run in the log 🙂

If you have not done so already please be so kind as to reward all this effort and sponsor me British Heart Foundation.  I am training to run the Royal Parks Half Marathon in October.  Thanks.

Updated with stats from Garmin Connect:

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 08.42.52Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 08.43.03Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 08.43.10


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