Will.i.am and I are like that!

I attended a leaving dinner for a colleague at Sushi Samba which is the place to go at present in London.

I wasn’t sure about going as I’m not a big sushi fan but went to say my goodbyes.

Anyway aside from the food we had some entertainment.

The table behind us was cleared (amazing views of London from the 38th floor) and Will.i.am took a seat.

We were all asked not to tweet or take photos but I couldn’t resist.

This is the shot I managed to get away with…


We were all a bit giddy so I decided to tweet to as him to join us as we had a spare seat and he was sat alone…

This happened next…


How cool is that!

Update from the team (as I just left): Will.i.am came over to the table to say hi!

And I made it onto his web site!


Here’s some of the amazing views from the restaurant:


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  1. Well sir. I give you an award for courage and also for realizing that he is also just a regular person, okay he may have a bigger bank balance. And secondly for becoming a social media super star. Looks like a great place will definitely like to go their however William is NOT a sushi eater at all. Good on you for becoming super famous overnight. Ivan

    1. Keith says:

      Lol thanks Ivan. I don’t like Sushi either. The Samba bit relates to meat dishes, steaks, lamb etc and they serve cooked fish.

      As for will.i.am – this just proves what a great melting point London is and if you take the (minor) risk…

      1. Good for you and how I miss London. We may be stopping over their in December. Ivan

      2. Keith says:

        Excellent. If our diaries sync ok we’ll have to meet up!

  2. OMG – that is just cool!!!!!

    As for sushi – I like california rolls – which are not hard core sushi at all. But they are yummy!

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