Hard work but I did it!


ImageTonight’s run was hard work!

I had some pain in my left ankle today – nothing more than a niggle but I was not sure I would get out and run.  It nearly put me off but I decided to head out and stop if I thought it was too much.

A little way into the run and I was uncomfortable and it felt that my right calf was compensating for my left ankle.  I stopped short of 1k to walk to see how I would get on.

ImageI decided it wasn’t that bad and carried on.  My left knee and ankle were sore for the first half of the run and the right calf was really tight.  I took it easy and ensured that I stopped when I had enough.

It was another hot one and we haven’t been sleeping very well due to the high temperature and the storms.  It wasn’t as hot tonight as it has been but I did switch back to loops on the road rather than the wood so I was back on solid ground and in full sun.

Mercifully there was some breeze tonight which did help but it was still hard going.

I got past the 30 minute mark and decided I could carry on until the full 45 minutes and managed to run home ok.  I ache a bit now but some calf exercises on the foam roller really do seem to have helped.

I have walked a lot the last couple of days and I think this is contributing to the pain in my legs.  I may even have tied my work shoes too tightly – who knows!

ImageI was thinking that maybe my stride was a little off as I have been running on uneven terrain for so long – I am not sure but I think my pace is fairly consistent though.

It might have something to do with the threshold work I did on Monday

Anyway despite all of this I got out there and completed nearly 6K this evening.  Again not one of my fastest routes but tonight’s run was all about the time and not the distance.

If you have not done so already please be so kind as to reward all this effort and sponsor me British Heart Foundation.  I will be running ing the Royal Parks Half Marathon in October.  Thank you.



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  1. Well done. I honestly admire your determination. Ivan

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