8 Miles – Longest run to date

Screen Shot 2013-07-27 at 11.16.01We went out last night in the West End to celebrate two friends birthdays (twins).  We didn’t get back until late-ish but i was aware that I had a long run due to do this morning.

ImageRichard woke me up at 6 thinking it was Friday and I was aware I had 8 miles ahead of me and a trip away so decided I would allow myself half an hour mores kip and then get out the door and that’s what I did.

The weather was warm at 16 degrees but nothing like it has been recently.

The challenge with running these distances does not seem to be doing it but actually finding routes!  I seem to be in a mental space to just get my trainers on and get on with it and I am amazed and very pleased this is my mind set (I’ll let you know if this is the case when it chucks it down with rain!).

I ran out and started at the wood, completing a circuit before heading onto the Avenue of Remembrance and then all the way to the other side of Colchester where I got as far as the Waitrose which is about 5K from the house.  My ad hoc route worked though and I found myself back near the house with the last 2K to go.

I startled quite a few flocks of pigeons this morning in the farmers fields and there were tons of rabbits around.  I didn’t have to disturb the cattle today as I decided in order to work on my pace I would stick to roads once I cleared the woods.  I did however say good morning to the ladies as I passed.

ImageI paced myself well and pushed myself a little harder in the middle.  I do still want to try to be faster but I don’t want to over do it as I know this is about distance rather than speed.

The Full Potential training suggested 90 minutes at easy pace and the WalkJogRun plan had me running 8 miles.  I stuck with WJR as that’s what I have used to date and completed the 8 miles (12.83 Km) and did it a little over the 90 minutes so I am on mark for both plans really.

I am sure there is more fuel in the tank but I guess the trick with the long runs is to just keep going and to pace myself so that I finish the distance rather than run it as if it were a speed test or a race.  I have to get this into my head though as seeing a consistent 7:56 on my pace marker is a little annoying.


I know that the speed and mid week work is planned to help sort that out, I just need to be patient.  The hot evening or lunch time runs are not conducive to such rapid activity for me but I am sure I will get there.

I will admit I see how fast friends and my Twitterati run and am a little jealous of the speeds they reach.  Again I have to remind myself I am undertaking specific training for a half marathon whereas some of them are not.

Despite all this I am pleased that I managed to run this with good effort and managed to keep my pace and the need for a drink etc to a minimum.  I had a hearty meal last night and although I was sweating like crazy I didn’t need lots and lots to drink.  My handheld water bottle was sufficient today.  I do however need to think about what I do as I run further as I will need something else to keep me going.

I was chatting to a guy at the British Heart Foundation day and were discussing the options – that and the advice from the nutritionist are key to success and I have plenty of time to master this.

I am very pleased that I sit here typing this and feel ok – I have stretched and showered and think I feel on good form considering I have run so far today.

This was a good run and I returned at a reasonable time, sadly however we have decided to cancel our trip later today 😦  We were planning to attend a jazz picnic at a stately home but the forecast for later is torrential rain and thunder.

As it’s a 3 hour drive and we were staying over night it made sense to cancel up front rather than risk it and it be called off due to the weather 😦

That’s my runs for the week.  What are you up to this weekend?  Whatever you do have a good one.

If you have not done so already please be so kind as to reward all this effort and sponsor me British Heart Foundation.  I will be running ing the Royal Parks Half Marathon in October and all of this effort is to help me run the best race I can whilst raising as much money as I can for such a worthy cause.  Thank you.


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  1. ” I did however say good morning to the ladies as I passed.” – I’m sure they were checking out your sweaty hot sexy self! {g}

    We are having National Entertainer of the Year pageant here in Louisville. It’s been an exciting year! Tonight is the 5th and final night – and then tomorrow is all about catching up on some sleep.

    1. Keith says:

      Lol. Hot and sweaty yes. Sexy – are you sure!

      Sounds like fun. Make sure you catch up on your sleep.

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