The Thames, the police and the tourists.

Today was a busy day and I knew I was going to be late home so I took my running gear to work.

I scheduled time to run at lunch but the meetings feel out of sync so I got out the door before the lunch time rush.

This needn’t have mattered though as London in August is a very busy place. Thankfully at 18 degrees it was a lot cooler to run than previous weeks.

I was planning the route I run with Paul to Tower Bridge but was thwarted as I reached Bankside as the police had closed of the underpass, Millennium Bridge and route along the river.

I immediately turned around and headed towards Parliament. The roads were as busy as the pavements as traffic was diverted too.

My plan today was threshold running which I wasn’t sure I would manage.

There were a few bottle necks near Waterloo Bridge and the ticket booths by the river but I managed to pass most without much incident.

I ran the warm up to Westminster (not going all the way to avoid the massive crowds), and turned around and hit my first threshold section. I decided to go for it and ran the first fast 3 minutes.

I had convinced myself it would be a challenge but managed the first fast session and soon found myself on the 90 second jog section.

I decided to head back towards the office and up to and across Blackfriars bridge. I was worried about crossing the river and not being able to get back but you could cross on the bridges but not go under them.

I finished the next fast sessions ok and headed back across the bridge. They’d reopened the underpass so I took that along to the Millennium Bridge.

Before I knew it I had completed the fast sections and was feeling good.

It felt like I hadn’t slowed very much in between them but the pacing seems encouraging.


All in all this was a good run and I enjoyed it despite the crowds etc.

I left work in a foul mood. In fact I walked the 3k to Liverpool Street as I couldn’t face public transport.

Writing this en route home has helped me forget my day and remember what I achieved during my lunch break.

It’s great to run London and the crowds, the sights and all the incidents make for an interesting run!

We booked our hotel for the Royal Parks Half Marathon this week so now I am a step closer to the actual race.

I am looking forward to the half marathon and will start to push for sponsorship from here on in…

I never did find out why the river was closed…

Oh and I get to test my first item for The Running Bug soon as my first package has been shipped – it’s a cool start, watch this space.


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  1. Great place to run if your ask me. I am Moggie for LondonTown. Glad you have forgotten the day, as lets be honest sometimes work just ruin our days and lets not make it ruin our life’s. Ivan

      1. It’s my slang for crazy, … Hey it’s my world and I like it here. He. He. . Ivan

      2. Sometimes William says that he still things I am Wierd. 11 years and he still does not get me. He he

  2. Nachthawk says:

    Sounds like you had a good bit of fun… even though the running route was closed partly. I came back from Düsseldorf and went to Essen – right at the lake and even there – it was packed with people. I think the train ride is a cool way to switch off from the happenings of the day…

    1. Keith says:

      You can’t avoid it this time of year can you. Not to worry.

      The journey home did help if I’m honest even though there were delays 😉.

      I’m glad I did the run when I did as I now have the remainder if the evening to enjoy.

  3. I’m amazed you can run at a good pace through London. Whenever I’m in town it looks impossible.

    1. Keith says:

      The Embankment isn’t too bad, it’s fairly wide so mostly there is room to manoeuvre.

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