Running in Colchester, walking in London

I started today with an easy paced 40 minute run which got me just over 6k

I ran early and at a decent pace which I felt really happy about.

I really needed to get out there as I had a f-ing awful day yesterday. If I could erase the day I would but hey shit happens.

The run helped me focus on something else and helped me balance all my demons!

I saw the herd of cows this morning and am glad I decided to stick to the roads as this time, there was a bull with them!
I am happy with my pace too as I appear to be getting quicker. It was cooler too which I think makes a difference.
Our middle nephew is visiting for a couple of days so we took him into London to see the sights.
William got to see the City, Tower of London, Tower Bridge, the South Bank, Westminster, Parliament, Trafalgar Square, Soho, Leicester Square, a picnic in St James Park, The West End and Regent Street. I think that equates to about 12k all in all so my feet and legs have done me proud today!

We also paid a visit to the land of the pimple free, underdressed boys wearing too much make up – Abercrombie. William bought an amusing tee shirt which I am sure will raise some eyebrows when he returns home to Plymouth!

Thankfully the day was a little overcast and there was a breeze which meant that we didn’t over heat either in London or during my run.

One thing is clear, I think we shall all sleep well tonight!

More is planned for the weekend and I am tackling something personal first thing tomorrow which I hope to crack. I’ll let you know more when it happens. Until then just keep your fingers crossed.

I have to say thanks to Apple for more great customer service. My – volume button stopped working so I had a Genius appointment yesterday and they’ve replaced my iPhone 5 😃. I’ve also treated it (!) to a shiny new inCase case 😃.

Whatever you’re all up to, have a great weekend.


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  1. Had the same issue with iPhone not so long ago. Sorted very swiftly by apple.

  2. Great post, all the best for today fingers crossed. Ivan

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