Up (and down) with the larks…

ImageI had a night of disturbed sleep and we were planning on getting up early as we are heading off to Wells-next-the-Sea and Sandringham today.  I decided as I was tossing and turning to get up, jumped into my trainers and headed out the door at 6.

I didn’t have time to do the prescribed 9 miles today so I opted for a short-ish run and made sure I did it over the steep hills just left of where we live.  I have not run that route for a while but I enjoyed it and it was lovely to be out so early.

I think the run wiped out the feeling from last night and has helped wake me up.

I also appear to have woken up a lot of magpies, collared doves and chaffinches who were all out to greet me this morning during the run.


I think my pace was good and strong and I simply got on with it today.

I had a bit of a personal breakthrough yesterday and achieved something that is long over due.  I won’t say what it was just yet as I have not completed that particular journey but I will say I completed the task feeling very proud and very happy with myself.  It also meant I used a different set of muscles which I can certainly feel during todays run!  I bet you’re all intrigued now.

Now to slip on my sandals and head to the coast – I am going to tag the walks today as I am sure we will clock up several km on our excursions 🙂

Have a good day everyone!


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