Off my feet…

…well kind of.

I’ve not run since Sunday. I was planning a run tonight but I ran up Ludgate Hill for the bus tonight and noticed my left ankle is still a bit tender (as is my knee).

I did however manage to take the bike around the block a couple of times last night and plan to do the same today. It’s nothing serious, just acquainting myself with riding etc. Cycling is lower impact than running so I hope this won’t make the niggle longer to heal.

I’m very proud of my bike too and gave it a wash last night.

I won’t be running tomorrow as I am out so will pick it up again on Thursday as planned (hopefully). This should mean all I’ve missed is one scheduled run, I’ve been a bit active on the bike but sensible enough not to over do it and bugger up my ankle.

So there not completely off my feet just not running for a day or two.


I went for a spin on the bike as I aimed too – a few stops for traffic but I am feeling more and more confident.  I went further than I have before and picked up some speed whilst concentrating on proficient braking…

I decided to wear the Garmin and was surprised how quickly I clocked up the KMs!

Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 19.44.18

Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 19.44.12

Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 19.44.27

The timing was a little off and the wobble at the end is cause I spoke to my neighbour and forgot to stop the watch!  Still I wasn’t tracking this for speed etc I was simply curious what I would cover on the bike verses on foot.

Not sure I am quite up to cycling to the lesson on Saturday but I can at least try to walk the bits I am not confident doing on Saturday.  The main thing is I am enjoying it, it’s giving me more avenues to exercise and unwind and it doesn’t seem to be affected my ankle pain (which after I spent a while on the foam roller I realise it’s my calf!).



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  1. Take it’s easy, and well done on your biking. Are you not suppose to be getting your new car soon. Canada awaits for the two of you how exciting. William and I are looking at New York for the holidays in December take care if yourself Keith. Ivan.

    1. Keith says:

      Thanks Ivan. The car has been delayed from the manufacturer. Oh cool I love New York. Have fun! We’re both really looking forward to Canada. X

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