Meet Muriel


Meet Muriel the Mokka. Our new car which was delivered earlier this week. I’ve been busy with work so only had a brief drive but and very pleased with our choice. I’ll take her for a proper spin at the weekend.


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  1. At lat it has arrived, lovely colour. Wishing you many happy miles in Muriel. We also name our cars the Audi TT was tiny tim, William Audi was Betty. The new Q3 is still not named and my new baby arrived on Thursday. William says it’s should be called Ben or Benny, enjoy many happy miles. Ivan

    1. Keith says:

      Cool it’s just a bit of fun isn’t it (the naming) 🙂 . We are both really pleased with the car.

      1. So glad for you. Looks excellent. Ivan And naming cars makes us feel more fun and alive. Because work and other things can be very stressful.

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