The Great BHF Bake Off!

I wanted to write to give a big thank you to Hannah and Sarah who have voluntarily helped with my fund-raising for the British Heart Foundation.

They are both keen bakers and when they saw I was close to my fund-raising target they decided to get in the kitchen and bake some goods to sell at work to help my total.

As you can see they were very busy.


In total they raised a massive £115 which is phenomenal.  That added to a couple more donations I got today and I am past my fundraising target of £1,000 – thank you everyone for your generous contributions.

I am humbled and touched by their very kind act. A fantastic effort from them both and of course it all adds to my total.

I promise I avoided the cakes and am concentrating on my training for the Royal Parks Half Marathon which is 24 days away 🙂 😃

If you’d like to sponsor me please visit my sponsorship page.


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