A funny thing happened on the way to the brassiere

I worked late and stayed in a nice hotel in Westminster yesterday.

I checked in, dumped my bag in my room and headed to the restaurant to catch the late service.

Two very friendly mai‧tre d’s helped me out but one was a little over friendly.

Bare in mind I was very tired but even to me this was surreal.

The young (male) Latin mai‧tre d’ complimented my look and in particular my glasses. He asked about the design and was intrigued by them.

He then asked me,

“Sir, it’s most unusual to ask but may I feel your rims (frames)?”

I wasn’t sure quite how to take such an odd request and it took me a while but I don’t think he realised what he asked – if he did then he was being very blatant and a right tart!

His female colleague tried to get me away from him but he continued to want to take a closer look at my rims.

I politely declined and made my way to my table with the other mai‧tre d’.

It was a very surreal moment at the end of a very long day and I guess he’s lucky I have a sense of humour. Maybe he’s unlucky I didn’t think there was a hidden message in that conversation!


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