The Squirrel Nut Chase


I was determined to get another run in this weekend as I didn’t run during the week due to work and headed out to do an easy paced 5K.

ImageI hadn’t realised just how windy or how chilly it had become since first thing this morning and could feel the wind pushing me bad as I ran head first into it on the open straits.

I decided nearly mid way through the run not to turn around but to head into the country trail, across the farmland, through the wood and then home.  This was a great idea as it really did shield me from the wind.

It didn’t however shield me from the ploughed up fields or the manure that was being cultivated into the ground which I very nearly slid on mid run.

ImageThankfully I managed to keep myself upright and kept going.

I was going to stop to snap the scene as some of the fields have been bailed and it looks very picturesque but I decided to keep going.

It was a bit tough and boggy in places and now I understand why parts of the meadow have boardwalks as it was completely boggy today.

I also noticed a lot of activity from the squirrels in the wood this morning and spotted that the Oaks had started to drop their acorns due to the high wind.  I had to be very careful as the squirrels were dashing about the place collecting and burying their nutty stash for the winter.

I feel ok considering I just rain two days in a row but they were easy 5K’s and I have had a quiet weekend at home.

Richard and I are both packed and now have to do final checks before we head off on our Canadian adventure tomorrow.

Don’t worry, the lumo Lunarglides have been packed and I plan to try to get in at least one run in Vancouver (maybe Stanley Park) and another when we are in Tofino on Vancouver Island.

I hope to keep the blog up to date when I am away but I am not promising it as we are both looking forward to very relaxing break.

Whilst I am away why not sponsor me? Just after we return from Canada I will be running the Royal Parks Half Marathon in London (my first half marathon) in aid if the British Heart Foundation.  I would be so very grateful if you were able to sponsor me and all my running efforts.  Thank you.



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