Hello from Tofino :)


There are so many superlatives I could use to describe Vancouver Island but I am not going to.  I shall let the photos speak for me…  Enjoy




Oh and Brent Shearer responded on Twitter 🙂  But then again so have many others in Canada as they are so friendly here.  Brent can be friendly any time he wants…


Isn’t he cute 🙂


Did I mention the ferry was full of teenage America Football players? 🙂




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  1. Beautiful pictures, of the islands, that it was I am focusing on. Seems to me you are becoming a social media butterfly, good for you. And eye candy. Young very young. Enjoy Ivan

    1. Keith says:

      Thanks Ivan. Well you’ve got to appreciate everything a country has to offer don’t you 😉

  2. Enda says:

    I disapprove of this blatant homosexual agenda (because it’s far away)

    1. Keith says:

      😉 you should have seen the young bucks in the surf restaurant where we had lunch – PHOWAR

  3. Oh my – I’m sure you enjoyed all the ‘scenery’!!!!

    1. Keith says:

      Oh we sure did 🙂

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