Oh Canada!

P1020340I am not going to write a lengthy post about our trip to Vancouver and as I think the posts I uploaded whilst I was away tell the story pretty well.

I am however more knowledgeable about the following:

  1. Canada is a BIG place
  2. Vancouver Island and the lakes are just as big
  3. Canadians are friendly (some very cute) and courteous…
  4. Although they say fuck a lot!
  5. No matter how far you go you will always encounter someone from home (the barman at the lodge was from Brighton!)
  6. It takes several hours to walk the perimeter of Stanley Park – but it’s worth it
  7. Running Stanley Park at sunrise is breath-taking
  8. Vancouver is expensive
  9. Vancouver is very clean, open, breathtaking and friendly
  10. Met Vancouver has a lot of public art
  11. The seagulls on Granville Island are very pushy
  12. Vancouver is a city with a dark underbelly
  13. Tofino is a stunning place and wonderfully laid back
  14. The beaches are stunning and you get miles and miles to yourself
  15. The name Long Beach is a bit of an understatement!
  16. Uclulet really is like living on the edge!
  17. I could watch float planes take off and land in the harbour forever
  18. Storms in Vancouver Island are quite an event
  19. Finding bear prints on the beach can be a little disconcerting
  20. Every rustle in the woods makes you think you’ve seen a bear, cougar or wolf!
  21. Coffee in Canada is wonderful
  22. Tea (surprisingly) in some places in Canada is also wonderful
  23. Old American women on air planes are rude and obnoxious
  24. Having a flight delay because they need to fix a small part on the plane isn’t as scary as it sounds
  25. I absolutely loved every moment of the holiday and did not want to leave
  26. We are now saving our pennies to return…

I have uploaded lots of photos already and have put them into two albums on Flickr – one for Vancouver and another for Vancouver Island…  Keep dipping in as I updating them all the time 🙂



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