Post Canada/Pre Half Marathon Jet Lagged Taper!

Well the title says it all.  It has taken a while to get back into the swing of things and I felt up to a run this morning.

I started my tapering early for the Royal Parks Half Marathon (next weekend!) and continue with this as there is no point in pushing myself too much.


It feels good to be running on my old stomping ground again but to be honest I would even swap the country lanes of England to run around Stanley park at dawn every day 🙂

I was starting to worry about whether I am up to the task of running the Half Marathon next weekend but I know that I managed 7K in Canada without worrying about it and much the same today.  I only did 5K but to be honest with the jet lag I think this is sensible as my headache was a bit painful when I finished running.

I reminded myself it’s all about my mental state, I am sure my body is more than up to the task with all the training I have put in over the summer.  I also remind myself how happy I was to complete 10 miles and that today’s 5K was a challenge for me a little over a year ago so I have nothing to worry about.

ImageIt has come to my attention though that the UK is much cooler than when we left a couple of weeks ago and I can start to feel the cold air filling my lungs on the run.  I have to get used to the before the race as it starts at 9 am so it won’t be a particularly warm start to the day.

I am pleased with todays run and feel ok considering.  I was worried as my knees were really sore on the plane as I could not get comfy – and it’s a fairly long flight.

I wanted to run more in Canada but the circumstances didn’t allow for it.  It took Richard and I a while to get used to the time difference and it was the final full day in Vancouver when I felt alert enough to get out and hit the streets.

I chose not to run in Tofino as it’s very rural, lots of winding roads, lots of lake and precarious sea-side paths, not to mention the presence of Cougars, Wolves and Bears to watch out for.

Richard and I walked for miles whilst we were away and although we didn’t cycle in the end (I wanted to enjoy the views and not worry about focussing too hard on cycling) we did get around.  On one day we walked to Davie Street, back to Canada Place and along the harbour before reaching Stanley Park to walk the entire perimeter along the Pacific Coast (9k) – in total I worked out we walked about 21k that day.  With all the other stops, look outs, hills  and trails we completed I am sure I covered more than enough to make up for not running!

I have a few more days off before returning to work so I will put in at least another run before the Half Marathon next weekend.  My fundraising is going very well but there is still time to sponsor me if you have not done so already.  The British Heart Foundation do such excellent work, anything you can donate will be gratefully appreciated by me and by them.  Thank you.


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