Silky Smooth Vocals and Gothic Style

20130929-211908.jpgYesterday evening Richard and I attended a concert at Union Chapel in Islington.

The chapel is a wonderful gothic revival church with England’s only hydraulic powered organ.

The venue is stunning and still a working church that hosts concerts.

We attended to see Eliane Elias whom Richard is a big fan of.

We have been enjoying her music for a while and Eliane rarely performs in the UK so we grabbed the opportunity to see her in the flesh.

This was such an intimate concert and we were lucky to be seated 5 rows from the stage in full view of Eliane and her wonderful talent on the piano.

The jazz band of double bassist, bass guitarist and drummer made for a wonderful collection of musicians who certainly knew their stuff. The drummer was amazing, I was mesmerized by his skill and speed.

Eliane controlled the band with aplomb and her solo performances were outstanding. Her voice is velvety smooth and her command of the piano was sublime.

I think Richard was a little worried she may not have sounded so good live but he needn’t have worried. Eliane is the voice I imagine when I hear the likes of Diana Krall etc. She has a wonderfully velvety voice which is silky smooth, covers depths and gravelly deep.

Her anecdotes were very interesting and tell of her history, breadth of her experiences and passion for her music.

We are very privileged to have witnessed such a wonderful talent and in such a fantastic venue too.

A truly special night out with my baby. Perfect.


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  1. So glad you had an excellent evening out and were not disappointed. Ivan

    1. Keith says:

      Thanks Ivan – she was wonderful

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