Review: Helly Hansen Pace Short Sleeved Shirt


A highly visible top, combining the latest stay dry and keep cool technologies.


My first impressions of the top were that it was very sturdy, and it would definitely keep you visible on dark nights thanks to the highly reflective edges.

The shirt is flat locked sealed so that there are no seams and is a light fit, despite its overall rigidity. On first wearing the stitching on the back felt a little uncomfortable, but it’s designed to sit along the shoulder blades and moves perfectly with your body, so I soon got used to it.

Running in the shirt is a joy and you barely notice you’re wearing it as it becomes like a second skin. Midway into my run I realised the HH Cool fabric technology was working as I wasn’t overheating and felt perfectly comfortable. I was also sweating heavily but the LIFA Stay dry technology wicked all of the moisture onto the shirt, and away from my skin.

On the plus side the shirt is great to wick away sweat; and it’s highly visible. The only possible down side is that it may be a little light for some, and probably best suits a slim runner because of its figure hugging design.


Overall a great shirt once you get used to the unique fit. I am very confident you will be seen in all conditions wearing it and the stay dry technology does an excellent job of keeping you dry whatever the conditions.

Read my review on The Running Bug



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