This weekend Richard and I celebrated our Civil Partnership Anniversary (7 years) and went to Luxembourg.

Richard has been there before on business but neither of us really knew what to expect of it as a holiday destination.  As we learnt most people come into Luxembourg to work or to visit en route to somewhere else in Europe (in fact I bumped into a colleague at breakfast in the hotel doing just that with her parents).

It’s a very quiet place but that’s not to say there isn’t anything to do.

We visited the museum of modern art, the Royal Philharmonic, Notre Dame Cathedral (and were lucky enough to enjoy an organ concert), the museum of Luxembourg, we walked around the old city and took in all the sites, including some of the many towers and castles.

Per captia Luxembourg is the third richest country in the world and it shows – people don’t think twice about driving to the shops in their Porches or Aston Martins whilst browsing the shops with the latest Prada handbags and wearing the latest Gucci winter coats dripping in jewels from Cartier.  This was quiet self-evident in the cost to visit as Luxembourg either has expensive places or cheap places – there is no middle ground.

We had some lovely meals and the cuisine is as mixed as the culture of Luxembourg.  Most people speak French and English (as well as Luxemborgoise) but Richard and I managed to uphold the Englishman abroad stereotype and made sure when we were tired that we would answer in Spanish!  It made a few people smile and it helped break the ice but it was a bit embarrassing.

I managed to get a really heavy cold whilst flying out on Friday so wasn’t on top form so on Sunday morning we spent as long as we could in the hotel before checking out and then browsing the Museum of Luxembourg.

This didn’t stop Richard and I enjoying our time and celebrating our anniversary.  We purposely didn’t plan anything and took our time, taking in the sights and simply enjoying one anothers company.

It really is a lovely country, the people are friendly, I have never ever witnessed anywhere like it before, it’s so quiet and tranquil but you get the feeling lots of hard money deals are going on behind closed doors.  The architecture is a mixture of German, Danish, Dutch, French and English and the modern architecture would rival that of Seville.

I took a few snaps whilst we were there, as did Richard and most are from our iPhones as we decided to travel light.  This is a selection of my favourite photos and there is a set on Flickr you can browse through.

I would highly recommend Luxembourg if you wanted to get away for a couple of days  It’s only an hours flight from London and theres nothing quite like it.


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