A Running Hiatus

I have not blogged about running for nearly a fortnight now and that is for good reason – I haven’t been able to get my trainers on and hit the road 😦

The week prior to Luxembourg was very busy and apart from one night out with a very good friend of mine, the rest was spent working late or getting stuff together for our travels (traveling light is far more complicated than traveling with stowaway luggage!).

Whilst on the flight out to Luxembourg on Friday (after a very early start), we boarded the flight and I thought I would have a space in the aisle next to me as the flight was a third empty.   Generally Richard (the plane buff), gets the window seat and I sit in the middle.  Sadly a woman sat next to me and proceeded to fidget through the flight.  She also insisted on coughing and sneezing for the whole flight.

Apart from this we had a very pleasant (and short) flight and found ourselves in the picturesque country of Luxembourg in around an hour.

Unfortunately I caught whatever the woman had and started to sneeze and cough my way through the weekend.  I tried to ignore it but sadly it just got worse over the weekend.  On the Sunday morning we stayed in the hotel as long as we could and had a quiet afternoon in Luxembourg (and the warmth of the Museum of Luxembourg) before heading back to the airport.

I am not sure if the added A/C from the flight back helped as I started to feel worse and hardly slept on Sunday evening.

I decided I was not too bad on Monday morning and went into the office – things I have to say weren’t great as I was aware mid commute that I was hot and a bit sweaty.  It all kind of came to a head when I got back in the A/C environment of the office and my eyes started to stream, I sweated profusely, I was very bunged up and started to bark.

About fifteen minutes into my day my Director came over and told me to head home and sleep it off.  Of course this is not a quick task for us as it takes 90 minutes to get home so I didn’t actually get back to the house until just before lunch.

I managed to pick up some medicine at the pharmacy and some food (we had nothing in as we were away), got in, had a small lunch and went to bed.

I then proceeded to throw up and the whole week then fell apart.  I have been shivering, sweating and coughing like a mad man this week and whenever I think it is going it just seems to hit me again and again.  Worse still is that Richard inevitably contracted it and we both have the same awful bug.

I was planning to head back to the office Thursday and had some grand plans to run at the weekend but that is not to be.  I spent the whole of Wednesday night tossing and turning and for the third morning this week I have had to strip the bed and re make it as I sweated so much during the night (in fact I am doing this twice on occasion as Richard and I wake one another so we are sleeping in separate bedrooms!).

I spent most of last night feeling really sorry for myself and started to think about the running.  I was thinking to myself how, on the 6th October (just 18 days ago) I was fighting fit and running my first ever half marathon – feeling on top of the world and now it hurts to move my head!

I honestly believe my running hiatus has been a contributing factor in all of this as I know in the past if I started to feel even the slightest bit sniffly a run would help clear my head and sort me out.  Of course I am not advocating running with a cold as that is dangerous but I do believe that the extra activity is a great way to get the immune system firing on all cylinders.  Missing my regular runs has allowed me to become susceptible to all the bugs and crap going around and of course I have not had the energy or resilience to fight it.

I am missing running and it’s been clear sunny days on the most part whilst I have been off– although it has become colder out.  I won’t be running this weekend but hope that by the latter part of next week I can put on my trainers and get my legs moving and the blood flowing again.  Hopefully this will be a boost to my system and this blip will be my only encounter with winter illness this season.

Fingers (and laces) crossed!


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  1. Sometimes a running hiatus is exactly what we need to get back on the road!

    1. Keith says:

      That’s a very good point!

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