The Bionic Runner

ImageHaving completed my correspondence, the bits and pieces around the house and helping Richard unpack the groceries I noticed  I was feeling better this morning and decided that as Richard wanted to tidy up the front and back of the house, this would allow me a window to go for a run, so without hesitation I took it.

This is my first proper run in about two weeks as I haven’t run since I fell ill during our break to Luxembourg.  I have had a bit of rubbish still sat on my chest and decided it was best not to push myself too far for fear of making myself ill again.  It’s also gotten colder and damper and this only aggravates my asthma.

Any I got out today, it was still, sunny but 12 degrees and there was a breeze in parts but nothing too major.

I must have looked a site though as I was running with three devices strapped to me today.  I had my replacement Garmin to test as I haven’t run since it arrived.  I had my iPhone running the new Nike+ Running app as I have not tried that since the iOS7 upgrade AND I ran with a Polar FT2 Heart Rate Monitor which I have been asked to review for The Running Bug.

Amazingly all that tech didn’t slow me down or confuse me but I must admit it did take a while to find a satellite on my new Garmin and the Polar took a bit of getting used to but I got on with the run and didn’t let the technology distract me.

I ran for 4K as I didn’t want to push myself too far on my first outing in a while and was pleased with my pace.  I got back into the form and pace quite quickly and it felt (at the beginning) that I hadn’t missed any running at all.  Wearing my Royal Parks Half Marathon t-shirt helped though as it reminded me of my fantastic achievement at the beginning of October and what I am capable of.

The run did wonders for my chest, it feels clearer than it has for week and my head feels much clearer too – I have had a week of high volume stress so this has helped blow the cobwebs away.

As I said I was happy with my pace but didn’t want to got too mad on my first outing in a while – I did start to feel my legs get a little heavy but I persevered until I got to the 4K marker then had a decent stroll back to the house to cool off.

I am so  happy to be back running and as I have the winter gear out (I went out in compression shorts and top under my normal kit today), I know that I am well protected from the elements.

Look out for the Polar review when it’s published on The Running Bug.


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  1. Glad you back running, enjoy the rest of your weekend. Ivan

    1. Keith says:

      Thanks Ivan. Have enjoyed getting back out there. Have a great weekend too.



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