A Lovely Autumnal Weekend


We have had a lovely weekend.  Paul visited this weekend and we decided to have a quiet weekend.  Luckily the weather has been dry this weekend which meant we could get out and about.

Saturday we took a drive to Dunwich Heath where we enjoyed a stroll along the beach and the coastal path.  It was cloudy but the sea was like a mill-pond.  I don’t think we have ever seen it so still up there.  We wrapped up well but to be honest it was much milder than usual for November.


Following our walk we drove to Saxmundham where we enjoyed a very welcome lunch before heading home.

We spent our time catching, chilling out and generally enjoying one another’s company.  Richard cooked a lovely dinner Saturday evening and we enjoyed some lovely aperitif, sherry and wine which made for a very relaxed evening.

This morning the sky was clear and sunny, Paul had escaped for an early run (it was about 3 degrees outside) and returned in time for a full English.  As it was nice we decided to make the most of the day before Paul had to leave and headed over to Frinton on Sea.  After observing the 2 minute silence at 11 am we left the car then headed down to the beach to watch people walking their dogs and riding their horses along the shore.






As it was chilly the beach was pretty much deserted which was lovely as it felt like we had the place to ourselves.

After returning home for tea and biscuits it was time for Paul to head back to London, and as usual a weekend with friends comes to an end far too quickly.

We said our goodbyes than I ensured I made the most of the weather and got my New Balance trainers out of the cupboard and went for a run.

Following our run on Friday I noticed that the leaves on the ground made the terrain a little slippery so I decided to switch to the New Balance trainers as they have much more grip.

ImageI’ve switched the tones off on my Garmin, didn’t set my iPhone – I simply found a satellite signal, pressed start and got on my way.

It was chilly but I wore my long sleeve running Run Breeze top which was more than enough protection and got into my stride.

I enjoyed the run and my pace was good so I mentally set myself a route and decided to keep going until I reached 5K.  This is the first 5K I have run in a while and it felt good to reach that virtual goal.

All in all I am feeling much better and am glad I am back into the running.  It’s also nice not to be training for anything as it ensures there is no pressure or plan.  I will get some races booked so I have goals to work to but for now I am happy to go out, run, switch off the head, switch on my legs and enjoy the me time out on the road.

All in all a lovely autumnal weekend.


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