Really fed up.

Edited highlights of my week:

  • Tuesday wait for tube.
  • Allow people off tube.
  • Try to get on tube, get shoved in the chest and shoved to tube door by some bully trying to get off.
  • Spent Tuesday feeling slightly winded.
  • Tuesday evening empty the rubbish, feel a twinge in my back.
  • Cough. Back goes out 😦
  • Had a crap nights sleep but was determined to head to work and London to spend the evening with friends at the Woodkid concert. I have been looking forward to this for months as he is performing with the BBC symphony.
  • Wednesday in agony.
  • Brufen doesn’t touch it. Heat pads only slightly help.
  • See the (cute) Physiotherapist
  • He tells me I have sprained a disc in my back and should rest.
  • The concert is standing room only.
  • I am breathless simply by lifting my rucksack.
  • Have decided not to attend the concert and am heading home.
  • Really really pissed off as I was so looking forward to the concert.
  • I know though that I am doing the right thing. It’s still bloody annoying.
  • I hope Paul and Enda have a great time and I expect a full report of the concert.

To the arrogant sod who shoved me on the tube, thanks for ruining something I have been looking forward to for months and causing me this much pain and inconvenience.

I am so disappointed as I have been looking forward to this for months. 😦

Have fun boys!


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