What happened?


This is a question I seem to keep asking myself.

46 days ago I was on top of the world and had completed my first ever Half Marathon.

During a trip to Luxembourg I picked up a bug and was out of action for a little while…

Now I am laid up with a bruised disc in my back 😔  What happened?

It’s damn painful and seems to be very persistent.

I saw the Physio last week who told me I should rest up but could work from home if possible, as long as I took it easy.  Seems I did not take it easy enough, that coupled with several hours in the car this weekend and I am not much better than I was when my back went 😔 I had another assessment at the beginning of the week and he confirmed the swelling around my disc is just as bad.

The doctor confirmed this and as much as I was hoping to return to the office, I am off work, on painkillers and anti inflammatory drugs and feeling pretty crap.  It hurts to sit.  It hurts to walk and it hurts to lay down.  Hopefully this will be sorted soon but of course it means I am not up to much at the moment and there won’t be any running for some time 😦

Oh and I have had to miss two concerts (Woodkid and Fenech Soler) which I am really pissed off about.  I do understand not attending is for the best as there is no way I could stand (or dance!) for a couple of hours on end.  At the moment I can just about walk!

How can I go from being so fighting fit to this – what happened?


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