8K and no fatalities!

We took a walk into Colchester town today as I wanted to stretch my legs and have a look around.

It’s amazing how you can rack up miles without even trying and apart from a little stiffness I am happy to have had a good walk around. It’s not running by any means but it is exercise and it is helping me to build strength back into my legs and back – hopefully it won’t be long before this sciatica is history.

We had a walk into the department store in town, a quick walk around the shops and a pit stop for tea and cake.

We’ve been looking for star anise for our Christmas recipes but have not managed to find any. This led us to a delicatessen in Colchester but sadly we were not successful. Never mind.

It wasn’t too busy really for two days before Christmas so thankfully we weren’t caught in any crush etc. I wonder if people have organised themselves earlier this year or simply aren’t spending money as apart from Sainsbury’s yesterday most places have been calm and orderly.

We missed the worst of the weather this morning but are bracing ourselves for the forecast storms. They’ve already hit the south west and the transport system in the UK is slowly grinding to a halt. Richard hasn’t gone to work today as there is a danger he may not get back safely.

The trip into town ensured we now have everything for Christmas and we can kick back and relax for the festive period. We’ll need to relax now as we are driving down to the south west Friday when another storm is forecast. We also return with a house full of guests for the new year so we’ll be sure to relax as much as we can now.

Wherever you are and whether you’re out walking, running or Christmas shopping I hope you’re safe and avoiding all this awful weather!


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