Back on my (running) feet

I was determined to get at least one run in before I return to work (and the Physio) on the 6th January and decided today was the day.

The weather wasn’t great but it is December so I cannot expect it to be sunny.

I decided to run a split of 5 minutes run and 2 minutes walking which I did three times.  I took it easy re my pace and was conscious of my back and legs as I did not want to aggravate anything following the pain with the sciatica I have had recently.

IMG_6114This may not be my longest, fastest or best paced run but it feels special as it’s my first run since hurting my back.  Given the pain I was in and the lack of mobility I had, I am grateful I can run at all.

Apart from some tightness in my right calf I feel ok and finished the run smiling and happy that I managed to get back out in my trainers again.

Paul gave me a Belkin iPhone armband for Christmas so I wore this for the first time today and it is very comfortable to wear.  The cover is tight so you can use the touch screen properly and yet it holds in place very well as the velcro is very strong.  Thanks mate 🙂

I also ran in the OMM Rotor Smock which The Running Bug gave me to review – it may be pricey but it is a brilliant jacket.  I was well protected from the wind and the rain and my neck and torso was warm.  I did sweat into my compression top but the jacket came off dry and warm – if ommyou can afford one I highly recommend it.

So there we are, my first run in ages due to my back but I feel great.  The last run of 2013 – let’s see what 2014 holds.

I am planning some races and hope to get something in the diary with Paul and Enda in the new year.  I also hope to run the Royal Parks Half again as I throughly enjoyed it this year.

Happy running in 2014 everyone!


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