First Run of 2014


I just completed my first run of 2014 and my second run following my back problems.

It was a gorgeous sunny day and not too cold which meant it was perfect for running.  I did wear my Run Breeze running tights and my OMM smock though – it’s not that warm!

Todays route

I kept the same plan as my run on New Years Eve and ran (5 min run + 2 min walk) x 3 times.  I ran a bit longer at the end this time and pushed myself a little further and harder.

I didn’t feel any problem with my back since running the other day and have been keeping up with my physiotherapy.

It’s good to get back out there and to motivate myself I thought I would try a different app Zombies, Run!

The idea is you run and follow a story, trying to collect things and outrunning zombies as you go.  This felt odd as I haven’t listened to music running since my half marathon training and I found the story a bit of a distraction. I was actually glad when it reverted to my running play list.

I’ve tried it (it was less than half price in the app store sale)  but I won’t use it again.  Nor will I use music really as I am surprised just how much I have tuned that out of my training.

On my third running section I noticed I wasn’t really listening to my body as much as I have in the past and found the noise distracting.  It’s funny what you get used to isn’t it?

As you can see progress is good – it’s nothing like what I am used to recording but I am happy that things are already improving slowly.

My progress so far

I shall stick to using my Garmin.  I have switched the beeps off as this was a minor annoyance during the Royal Parks Half Marathon (due to the thousands of Garmins beeping that day).  I must say it’s nice not to be interrupted by these extra bits and pieces.  I will switch them back on when I train properly again so that I can track my progress without looking at my wrist.

For now I am happy with my second run and must concentrate my efforts on planning races for 2014 (it is part of my running resolutions after all!).



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  1. Mandy Norris says:

    Good to hear you are back out running! Any races planned this year Keith? x

    1. Keith says:

      Thanks Mandy – that’s my next task…

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