Blowy and busy

Well that was a very windy run today – I forgot just how bad the wind can get.  Luckily the sun came out but it started to drizzle as I headed home but not to worry.

The GPS had a bit of a wobble this morning – not sure if this was due to the weather conditions.  I was stood on the spot waiting for the signal.  That said it’s not that far out at the start but I guarantee I didn’t start the other side of the railway – it would have been far too muddy to run in the wood.

One simple reminder that it is January was the sheer number of runners I encountered today.  Most of who I have not seen before.  Some sporting new kit and some out in pairs, egging one another on. It’s great to see such enthusiasm but it is a shame that so many people start their resolutions and don’t follow through with them.  I hope I will see most of the new runners again but I fear they will disappear come February.

Richard had his first golf lesson today at the local golf club (we have three really close to the house).  If he continues to use Saturday mornings for lessons and a knock about I will use this time to attend Park Runs in Castle Park as we will both be up and about early.


I felt a bit of tightness in my calf today but nothing too severe.  Some stretching will sort that out.

My back continues on ok and I haven’t felt it get any worse for the running.  I have physio on Monday and he wanted to give me cross training exercises in the gym.  I’ll see how I get on – I am sure he won’t be happy I am running so soon but I am taking it (very) easy so I don’t think he can complain.

I shall continue with this plan for a week or two then build  back into steady runs again.

Although it was windy I didn’t run in my OMM top today but opted for my fluorescent running jacket – I certainly needed it as this weather means it’s very grey and dark outside at present.

I didn’t use the headphones today and am pleased that I didn’t as it gave me chance to listen to my breathing, my steps and kept me aware of the traffic and the wind.

Onwards and upwards!


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  1. I was a bit worried the first time I ran without headphones as the music gave me something else to focus on when the running got hard. As it turns out, I now prefer running without them as it makes me more aware of what’s going on around me.
    Hope the physio goes well. 🙂

    1. Keith says:

      I ran for over a year with music and swore by it. Training for the half marathon (where you couldnt listen to misc during the race) changed this. I actually find music annoying now – its best to use your will and mental ability to spur you on.

      Thanks re the Physio.

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