Cold Cheeks


Well that was a cold run this evening – the wind was rather strong and even though it was 9 degrees it felt much colder.  Thankfully I went out wrapped up and enjoyed the run nonetheless.

My trip to the physiotherapist went well yesterday and he is very happy with my progress.  He is most importantly happy for me to pick up the running and has advised me to continue as I had started last week – building up the pace as I go.

My back is much better but there is tightness in my calves and subsequently the top of my legs.  This has always been a problem for me but it’s particularly tight at the omen given the recovery since the bout of sciatica.  If I am honest I have never been able to touch my toes.

Anyway he gave me some stretches and we did some squats and step jumps in the gym which seemed to have hit the spot.  He also gave me some new stretches to do and advised me to continue to do them as often as possible.

I have always been very good at stretching and diligent but I guess there is always room for improvement.

I haven’t really worked on core strength except for the extra work I did for the half marathon.  To keep myself fit I need to ramp this up to ensure I do not do myself an injury.

I am now doing a routine of squats and step jumps on days I am not running, followed by the prescribed starches when I have been running.

This also includes work on the foam roller which I have not used for a bit – that was quite painful tonight when I finished my run but the ol’ Trigger Point did the job of kicking out the kinks in my legs!

So far it has worked and my ass has not been this sore in ages (no smart comments please!).

I think the challenge with the new stretches will be to apply the right amount of pressure as things are very tight at the moment and it’s not natural to cause yourself pain – especially following a run.

The physic put an awful lot of pressure and strength into my legs and back yesterday and I certainly felt the difference this morning – all I can hope is that all this work pays off and is heading in the right direction.

The good news is the back pain is at a minimum so my focus will be core strength and my legs which should help address everything – and it may even make me faster!

A good run considering how cold it was, how sore I was and how tired I was.  I ran three sets of 6 minutes with a minute walk break in between as i did not want to push it.  It’s also the first run back since returning to work and I am already shattered this week.

As you can see the Garmin behaved itself this and the GPS tracking was much better this run.

Hopefully all of this hard work will pay off and I will beat the lethargy and be more nimble and faster as a result.


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