Cool and crisp run


Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 17.46.07Todays run was ok although it was a little chilly.

The skies have cleared and the rain has gone which has left more wintry conditions.  It was nice not to run in the wet or the rain for a change.

I stuck with my plan of 6 minutes running and 1 minute walking and it  went ok.  I had a slight twinge in my knee but that soon sorted itself out.

Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 17.45.56

My pace was OK but I will be glad when I am back to running properly without a break so that I can work on my distance and speed again.

I have decided that I will run some 10K’s this year and will try to get a place in the Royal Parks Half Marathon again but I am not going to run in any sponsored/charity places.  I have raised just over £3,000 for three charities this year and am very proud of my achievements.  I think this year I will take a rest from raising the money as it is hard work and I do not want to continually pester people.

My physiotherapy is working well and the new stretches are certainly hitting the spot.  I haven’t managed as many lunges and side steps as I had hoped as my plans changed this week and I have been busy a couple of evenings this week.  I will pick this back up over the weekend though.

Check out all the details on my Garmin Connect page.


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