Look mum, no shorts!

20140113-200446.jpgAfter reading this article I thought I should try a run without wearing shorts over my running tights. Probably not the best night to try this as it was quite chilly. I wasn’t that cold but I’ll be honest, I prefer the support as well as the extra warmth of the shorts. Anyway…

A cold run as I said but a good one. I extended my routine to 7 mins run, 1 mins walk x 3 and completed 23 minutes in a good pace and upped my distance despite the cold and the wind.

I shall continue this routine until I am back to running at least a solid 5 k. Hopefully this won’t be too long.

Check out my run progress on Garmin Connect.

And I’m in the blue…


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sam says:

    I know it’s not a great fashion statement but I go with the shorts/tights approach when its below 5c. But if it’s warm enough I would just wear shorts.

    1. Keith says:

      I don’t wear tights when it’s warmer so there’s no fear of anyone seeing anything they shouldn’t in the light! Shorts and tights all the way for me. Especially after tonight.

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