Last run in my 30’s*

ImageHad a good run this evening – the weather was probably the best it’s been all week.  By that I mean it was dry, not icy, cold but not freezing!  You can certainly tell it’s winter now.  This is nothing compared to the weather in the USA though and I am sure I will really notice the difference when I arrive in New York next weekend!  As much as I would love to I don’t think I will have the right conditions for running in New York.

Anyway it was a good run and I was going to do a usual split but decided to run 10 minutes then break for 2 and run another 10 – I ended up pushing myself (mentally) and got 15 minutes in before I walked for a minute then ran for a further 7 or 8 minutes.  Not bad and I feel no pain in my back etc.  My legs are tired but that’s half as much to do with the stretching as the running.


Two big loops of the estate today and I was happy with the progress.  I’ll be glad when it starts to get light again as running in the pitch black is no fun.  At least my high vis gear means I stand out well.

It’s funny who you spot out running – there is this muscular guy who runs around here at the weekend and judging by his time out he must be marathon training.  I was in Fleet Street (London) at lunch and he ran past.  I am confident he didn’t run from Colchester but it made me chuckle to see a fellow neighbour running in London.

I hope that as we approach February the winter comes and goes quickly so that can get on with spring and the warmer lighter days and nights!

Follow my progress on Garmin Connect.

*yes that’s right on Saturday I turn 40.  Looking back I would never have thought that at 40 I would be running!  Funny how things turn our isn’t it.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Happy birthday fella!

    1. Keith says:

      Thank you – two days to go but thanks for the best wishes 🙂

  2. 278toBoston says:

    Keep running. Congrats on the progress.

    1. Keith says:

      Thank you



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