Not today

I’d planned to go for a run today but haven’t managed to get out and we are now driving to Ikea.

Richard went to golf practice early. I could have run but I was hungry and it was cold out. This would mean my breathing would be off and I wouldn’t have much energy to run so I decided to exercise at home instead.

20140301-101130.jpgI completed a number of stretches and then did a round of exercise with the stretch band. The hip extensions don’t seem to phase me but the lateral band walks always do seem harder and really do work the tops of my legs.

I am working from home on Monday so my adjusted running plan is to head out tomorrow when Richard has his golf lesson and again on Monday.

My form and pace felt really good on Wednesday and I want to ensure I build on that.

I may not have run today but my mini workout at home had made me feel like I have achieved something today.

I wonder if a personal coach would help…

I saw some articles about the Moov yesterday and am intrigued as to how this would differ from the countless tracking devices and apps that are on the market at present.

Moov promises to not only record sporting activity but to coach you too. It claims to be able to help you with running form, to avoid injury and to improve your speed etc.

I am not sure how much of this is possible with wearable tech but I guess this is the next technological leap.

Question is do I become an early adopter and order one half price before they are officially released. I’m simply not sure how effective this would be. Especially as I now longer run with headphones.

It’s interesting to see how tech companies and start ups are approaching such things. Who’d have thought such a market place would have existed ten years ago!


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