Two days in a row


Not bad – a second day of running and another 5K under my belt.

Turns out I am fairly consistent at the moment which is remarkable as each of the runs has felt slightly different:


It was another cold run with some wind but nowhere near as bad as yesterday.

Some of my barriers to breaking the 5K are purely psychological and I now I can break them – that’s not to say there is a major problem but I am taking my time to crack 5K again.  I know I can do it, I think I just need some warm and sunny days to get me reinvigorated.

The will is there – I pushed myself moving my target as I ran, running further and further.  I think the target of 5K currently doesn’t help as it causes a bit of an emotional and mental barrier.

I have to comment that my Garmin is annoying me at present.  It seems to take forever to find a satellite.  I spend ages out the front of the house waiting for the timer to kick it – and we live in an open rural spot.  I think the satellite tracking is getting worse.

Anyway whatever I procrastinate over now I know that I enjoyed this run and am happy that I am keeping a consistent pace etc.

I am not sure when I will run again this week – judging by my schedule I would hope to get laced up and running again on Wednesday evening.

I am going to the Goldfrapp evening with friends tomorrow – there is a global event where you got to the cinema to see the art house films made for Tales of Us and this is followed by a live performance which is broadcast around the world by satellite 🙂

I had a quite a productive day yesterday, not only did I manage the run and lots of stuff around the house, I also managed to freshen up the web site – I hope you like the changes.

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  1. Looking really good Keith! 🙂

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