Tonights run was all about getting out there…


…and I did!


I had a good run tonight even though I was so tired I honestly didn’t want to get off the train!  I convinced myself a run would do me the world of good and it did.

The plan was to get out and run and just go for a run for a while so that I could get some energy back, log a run and wake myself up.  I did (and it did) exactly that.

ImageI am really pleased I ran tonight as it blew away the last of the cobwebs from the wine we had at the bar last night after the Goldfrapp global concert (mind you I a safe in the knowledge I was and am in a much better state than someone I could mention).

The #TalesOfUsFilm was really interesting.

The art house films Alison Goldfrapp created to accompany the album were very interesting.  Dark and macabre in some cases yet lovely and heart warming in others.

This switched to a very Tales of the Unexpected type of setting and then went into a live concert performed by Goldfrapp.

The set was mainly melodic and orchestral works as the band was made up of a string section and the usual  mix of synths and guitars.

Alison’s voice was amazing and to hear her live through the cinema surround sound was amazing.  In fact the whole production was superb as you barely saw a cameraman and got to focus on the band and Alison.

It felt a little odd though as they performed in a studio (this was beamed around the world live to cinemas) and unusually they did not have an audience.  When the first and second songs finished we were not sure whether to clap as they were not in the room with us but soon enough it turned into a normal concert (albeit seated and civilised) and we all clapped as each song ended.

The timing was spot on and Alison had a good sense of humour which got the crowd laughing.  Not easy when she doesn’t know she has an audience.

An interesting concert and another wonderful performance by Goldfrapp.

This was top and tailed with a lovely catch up with friends over dinner and then another chat over a bottle (or tow) of Malbec in a bar at Kings Cross.


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