Our friends think we’re opposites..

I took one of those silly online quizzes today to see which ’80s pop icon I was.

I’m not sure who I expected it to suggest but it was spot on.

Not only did it return one of my favourite artists but the synopsis was almost spot on.

If anything it made me chuckle 😃



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  1. mpwilson says:

    I took that quiz awhile back on Facebook and got the darling Ms Jackson as well.. which was good since I absolutely love her, and have since the 80’s (damn, that made me feel old lol). I saw her in concert a couple years ago at Royal Albert Hall.. Phenomenal.

    1. Keith says:

      Aha great news. And guess what? I was at that concert too.

      Although to be honest even though I know and love Control etc I still she her as more of a 90’s artist.

      1. mpwilson says:

        Absolutely. The 90’s were when she was truly hitting her stride.

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