Ah Push It… Push It Good!


Well this mornings early mornings run didn’t quite go as planned.  I cannot admit to be raring to go but I had a small bowl of yoghurt and honey and headed out the door.

It looked sunny and calm when I left so I wore a mock neck top and a t-shirt with my Buff on my head as a beanie.  That’s enough I thought – wrong!  I didn’t get any indication of the gusty cold wind from the house and this was a bit of a shock to the system when I started my run.

I’ve noticed I no longer work out a route in my head but do what I feel like I want to do and today was no exception.  I wanted to get away from home so that I wouldn’t be stuck in loops or tempted to cut things short but was worried about running out across the farm to the main road as someone was knocked down there yesterday.

Thankfully the pedestrian crossing was now working (shame it wasn’t for the poor soul yesterday) so I decided to head across the crossing into town and back again.

It’s a decent route with a few inclines and declines and some change in terrain.

I have to stop a couple of time to cross on pedestrian crossings but that’s not too bad.  What is bad is bus drivers jumping traffic lights – idiots!

Anyway I was doing ok but I think the couple of stops at the lights were detrimental as my legs started to feel heavy.  I was heading home when my calves started (especially my right one) to really feel sore.  I wasn’t sure how I was going to get on but told myself 5K is good but 6K was better.

1897884_10151870661786685_822368170_nI don’t think changing back to my Nike Lunarglides was a good idea as I have been running in my New Balance trainers for a couple of weeks – I think I will revert back to them.

I passed the back of the house at the 5K marker and decided to run around the block to put in the extra KM.  I feel so much better for doing so and although a little stiff, I am really pleased I did.  I shall continue to push myself like this until I reach the magic 10K again as it’s only a couple of weeks until the Richmond Park 10k.

I should take advantage of the Colchester Park Run as I passed several runners walking to the park for the start (yes I was out that early).  Maybe next weekend I may join in the race…

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