Beating the Half Marathon Runners


ImageWell not in speed – I went out today and made sure I did my run to avoid the Colchester Half Marathon runners.  The route covers some of the roads I run on and I didn’t want to be one of those runners who ends up getting in the way or running against a tide of racers (you know who you are).

It’s the fourth year and I imagine a tough race as there are some big hills in Colchester (I should know I have run them enough when training).  Anyway my plan worked and I successfully avoided any of the race route.

I follow a few people who were running the race today – I hope you all did well.

It was a lovely morning this morning although very windy in places – it kind of took my breath away and running into it was rather hard but I persevered.

I also decided to run 5K when I left the house but once I got going pushed myself to complete 6K today – it’s all about mental well-being in the end and I am sure I have cracked that again.  I just have to keep up the positive mental attitude to get me to the 10K in a couple of weeks.

IMG_6691I was in some discomfort in my legs and calves again which has brought me to a decision about my shoes..  I am going to have to ditch the New Balance trainers and get myself some new Nikes.  I like the NB shoes but have had a lot of problems with pins and needles before I even get to 5K.  When I started running this would kick in as I got to 5K but it’s much more prominent now and more so in my right leg and calf.  Concentrating on it today I realised that I could not feel my little toe in the right shoe and hardly feel it in the left.  This is not good so the NBs have to go.

I cannot complain though as they were a pair of shoes I reviewed for The Running Bug.

I am surprised I am not more sore today as Richard and I blitzed the garden yesterday as it’s the first chance we have had to tackle it this year.  It was hard work tackling all the winter growth and all the dead leaves but at least it’s starting to look tidier now in time for spring and hopefully a nice summer where we can appreciate our hard work.

Whatever you are up to today have a lovely Sunday.

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