ImageTonight’s run felt a title bit fidgety.  Things went really well and I managed to crack 6K but there were a few anomalies.

To start with I wanted to know what the time was so pressed the button on my Garmin but pressed the wrong one.  I not only managed to stop the timer but managed to reset the lap counter.

I got past this and was doing very well on my final stretch when I ran past someone I knew – for some mad reason I decided to slow down to say hello – why!?

The best thing about tonight’s run is that even though we had gale force winds I was determined to get another 6K under my belt.

I was actually so focussed on that that I forgot all about my shoes which confirms my suspicions that the New Balance trainers are no good for me.  I think there is wear in my Nikes but they did me proud this evening so I shall revert to running with those.

I met my mate for lunch today and he helped put my mind at ease about my training for the Richmond 10K – as he always does.  He’s right in so much that I should not try too much now as I will over train and that if I increase at least a kilometre a week now I will be fine before I have to taper and run the actual race.

It’s all about self-confidence and commitment at the end of the day.  As Paul said I have run much further and I have run the race route before so there should not be anything to worry about as long as I don’t over train.

My plan for this week is two more 6Ks – possibly increasing one to 7K, I shall then run a couple of those next week and taper off.

Thanks to those who responded re my dumb question yesterday – I think my Nikes are fine for now, I shall continue to run with these and see how I get on.  I think there is a few more miles left in them 🙂

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