Spring has sprung


ImageAnd there must be a spring in my feet as I got to 7K today 🙂

If I remember correctly I used to have a tendency to get tired etc around 7 or 8K and I remembered on the run today that it was at 8K in the Richmond 10K last year that I had pain in my foot and started to slow down.  Of course I ran through it and I got through it last year and broke this psychological barrier to compete a half marathon.

Yes I did have pins and needles in my calf and foot and yes I was wearing my Nikes but I decided to carry on and at around the 5K mark I started to feel  better and seemed to gain momentum.

I was going to run another 6K today but decided mid way through the run that there was no excuse as to why I could not push myself to 7K. I will do the same on Sunday when I plan to run next – another 7K.

This mentally has put me in a much better place and this is even with the inclement weather.  It has been sunny most of the day (rain is on the way) but it has been very very windy.  In fact there have been gusts of 26mph which in some places quite literally sweep you off your feet.

I told myself on the way to 6K that the terrain didn’t matter, the wind didn’t matter, all that mattered was that I was comfortable and I could do this – and I did 🙂

I had this mad moment where I broke 6K and was thinking about how much further I had to go when I heard The Count from Sesame Street counting me to 7 – this made me chuckle and I just had to include him in the post.

ImageI did quite a few odd loops and routines today but that is simply because I have gotten used to when I trip the KM mark on the route so wanted to ensure I mixed it up and wasn’t complacent about how much I had left to run.

You can see on Garmin Connect just how sporadic the run was but it made for some interesting challenges and it also added in quite a big more hill work (which wasn’t planned).

It’s nice running around New Braiswick Park on a weekday as there is hardly anyone around (except the odd arrogant teenage dog walker).

Not having to commute home meant I managed to complete a full days work and still get out whilst the sun was fairly high in the sky (although now it has been shrouded in cloud so I made the right decision to run when I did).

Oh and why is it Nike+ always currently seems to be updating their servers exactly when I want to sync a run?


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