Wow it’s cold again!


ImageOk what happened?  Spring started this week and I headed out into the sun in shorts and a t-shirt – what a mistake!  Luckily I was wearing some layers but for the first 2KM I could not feel my hands or my arms!  It was 0 degrees out and the wind brought it down to -3 – I was not expecting that!

I had to push myself to get to 7K today and I will admit it was tough.  After my run my calves felt very very tight on the foam roller which isn’t great.

I did enjoy the run again once I got going but I had to get there!

ImageThere were a few other runners out this morning and one father daughter pair who rather dangerously were sharing a pari of headphones whist running – I seriously wouldn’t recommend that!

There’s two weeks until the 10K and I am sure I will get there, I need to simply pace myself on the day and hope it’s not too windy or cold.

At least I know I headed out at the right time as (in the photo) you can see it was sunny but by the time I finished my stretches at home it chucked it down.

I think I need to be more regimented with my stretching on my rest days to ensure that I conquer this pain in my calf and right foot.  Funnily enough (touch wood) I haven’t really noticed any pain in my back it’s just my legs.

It’s been an energetic weekend as Richard and I cleared out the garage and then went to the garden centre to buy some plans for the garden.  Surprisingly we were soaked at the garden centre as the weather changed and we were pelted with hails and snow (maybe that should have been a warning to me before I left the house this morning!).

If the weather breaks we will head out to the garden to get the plants in (we didn’t get chance yesterday) and then relax for the remainder of the day.

I have a busy week ahead (Foster the People tomorrow night, awards dinner Friday) but I intend on keeping up with the running plan this week.  I may get to 8K for one run this week just to convince myself that I am ok for the 10K (although I know deep down I am).

The taper week comes at the right time in the training as I may end up travelling to Rotterdam for work the week after next (the week before the race).  Hopefully it’ll all work out as planned.  Hopefully.


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  1. Nachthawk says:

    Its bloody freezing… on thursday we had lovely t-shirt weather and today we are back to plus 3 degrees… i want summer… 🙂 well done for getting out there…

    1. Keith says:

      I agree it’s far to chilly. Thanks. Brrrrrr

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