Running off the cheese*


ImageI was so fast asleep on the train on the way home that I felt ill when I woke up.  Possibly not the best situation to get out and run but I did so nonetheless.

Last nights Foster the People concert was fantastic and there was some dancing, it was a long night and of course I have had two very long days which is why I was so tired.

I decided to run but not to kill myself and push for the 8K target for this week – I am not sure I could have gone quite that far.  I set myself a respectable 5K and was very happy to have completed that as planned.

As you can see from the information on Garmin I completed some loops around the area where we live and am happy with my progress.  It took a while to get the momentum going and it was tough in a few places but I persevered and was happy that I cracked what I aimed to this evening.

I passed a couple of runners tonight who were also doing loops – one pre-Madonna in her pink spandex kept throwing me dirty looks as we past one another.  I am not sure what her problem was but she (so far) ranks and one of the most unpleasant runners I have encountered (we’re a nice bunch in general).

Maybe she didn’t like my fluro jacket or my grey Buff which was tightly tied to my head to ensure that my ears stayed warm and the sweat stayed out of my glasses – who knows!  Some people are funny aren’t they.

More than anything I had to run off last nights dinner as it turned into a bit a carb mountain – although that was not quite the plan.  In fact Enda and I ate so much last night before the gig we were in danger of falling asleep before even getting there!  Thankfully the chilly London air woke up both up en route to the Troxy!

*You are going to have to ask Enda to explain this title!


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