Roshe Roshe


As usual I have been deliberating and considering my next purchase (as I do with pretty much everything) and have opted for some Nike Roshe trainers.

This is a departure for me as I like the Lunarlon soles so much but I currently do not like (or see) any new styles and my current pair are starting to look worn (and I am wearing them to work which is not a good sign).

After much deliberation and two aborted attempts to buy them I bit the bullet yesterday as I needed some retail therapy!  I ended my lunch break the proud owner of a pair of Nike Roshe Run Geometrics:


I love the design and to be honest it isn’t that noticeable when you wear them but they stand out enough to be different.

I have not worn these soles before and the upper is much softer than traditional trainers but this makes them incredibly light.

I won’t be running in them though, this are street trainers for every day (non work!) use.

Typically the day after I buy the shoes above Nike release some exclusive new styles for summer and I love the new Roshe Run Palm Print shoes:


I am not going to rush back and exchange the Geometrics or buy these in addition (I promise), but I do like the palm designs.  Again quirky and different without being too OTT.

I look forward to breaking in the Geometric’s and see how I get on with the new soles.

Have you got/worn Nike Roshe trainers?  What do you think?

(I guess Roshe is pronounced rush right?)


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  1. WalkToRio says:

    I’ve never owned a single pair of Nike sneakers, I have a lot of running apparel, but not sneakers. But those looks nice.

    1. Keith says:

      Thank you. I recently became a Nike convert since running.

    1. Keith says:

      Thanks I like them.

      Thanks for sharing your link. Good selection.

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