Fast and Furious


ImageTonight’s 5K felt rather fast to me although I am not sure it was entirely.  I started strongly and decided to keep gong at that pace.  I was enjoying it and decided to push myself until I had to slow down and managed 3K at a faster than (currently) normal pace.

I enjoyed this this evening as it helped relieve some tension as it has not been the easiest of days, plus visiting a display of the local councils plans to build a school down the road also had my brain ticking over…

Anyway I continued fast sprinting and then walking for a breather until tripped 5K and felt so much better.

I was very tired on the train and had a lot to do tonight as I am out at an awards dinner tomorrow so the 8K target had to give.

I have time over the weekend and then I can simply taper next week ahead of the race next Saturday (hopefully the plans from today will stick and I won’t have to fly to Rotterdam after all).

Oddly I didn’t really notice any numbness or pain in my calves/ankles this evening – the focus really was on the running (and this is odd as I had some ankle pain following Tuesdays run).

Garmin does not record me being that much faster when compared to my last couple of runs but I didn’t stop the timer for the walks so I guess this is what is evening things out.


I actually prefer looking at the Nike+ map of tonight’s run as there is a lot more green on it and the red is clearly the small moments I rested.

The main thing about tonight’s run is that I enjoyed it.


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  1. Sam says:

    Glad to hear you enjoyed it, and it looks like a job well done to me

    1. Keith says:

      Thanks Sam. I really enjoyed this evenings run.

  2. Nothing beats a good run after a hard day at work. Sounds like this one did the trick! 🙂

    1. Keith says:

      It sure did 😉

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